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Connect data contained in silos within organizations in a meaningful way.

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Conference Faculty

Dr. Jans Aasman
CEO, Franz Inc.

Jans Aasman began his career as an experimental and cognitive psychologist, earning his Ph.D in cognitive science with a detailed model of car driver behavior using Lisp and Soar.

Dean Allemang
Chief Scientist, TopQuadrant Inc.

Dean Allemang, the chief scientist at TopQuadrant Inc., specializes in innovative applications of knowledge technology.

Dr. Melliyal Annamalai
Chief Scientist, TopQuadrant Inc.

Melli Annamalai has a Ph.D. in Computer Science and is a product manager for the the Semantic Technologies group at Oracle.

Dr. Soren Auer
Researcher and Author, University of Pennsylvania

Soren is author of over 50 peer-reviewed scientific publications, co-organiser of several workshops, chair of the Social Semantic Web conference 2007 

Michael Bergman
CEO, Zitgist LLC

Michael K. Bergman is the CEO of Zitgist LLC, a Linked Data products and services company, and an authoritative blogger on structured and semantic Web topics and tools.

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Sir Tim Berners-Lee
Director, World Wide Web Consortium (W3C)

A graduate of Oxford University, England, Tim Berners-Lee holds the 3Com Founders chair and is a Senior Research Scientist at the Laboratory for Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence (CSAIL) at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).

Geoff Brown
CEO, m2mi Corporation

Geoff is the Founder and CEO of m2mi Corporation which is known for ground breaking machine-to-machine intelligence technology developed with NASA, THE Department of Defense and Siemens.

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Taylor Cowan
Emerging Solutions Principal, Sabre Holdings

Taylor received an MS degree in Computer Science from the University of North Texas. Currently he works for Sabre where he specialized in localization and disambiguation of geo/local input for travelocity.com. 

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Linked Data Planet

The idea of linked data is gaining mindshare with developers, users and the more than 200 software companies developing semantic tools. Come join the system architects, business architects, web site designers, software developers, consultants and technical managers, all looking to learn more about linking the growing collection of available data sources and technologies to acquire more value from their data for their organizations.

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Who should attend

  • Database and Information Architects
  • Metadata Specialists and Semantic Strategists
  • Enterprise Architects and Senior Developers
  • Database Designers, Managers and Administrators
  • Researchers, Analysts and Data Consultants

What you’ll learn

  • Linked Data Technology Strategies
  • Industry-Specific Linked Data Applications
  • Connecting Local Data with Public Data
  • Building and Using Ontologies
  • Business Cases for Linked Data Technology

Latest News & Events

Top 4 Conferences for Entrepreneurs

Conferences for Entrepreneurs

Knowing the right people and getting the right mentors in life is what is going to make you successful. Especially when you are an entrepreneur, one of the best things you can do is to interact with people who are of the same background of yours and gain some valuable contacts. Only when you have the mind to connect with people, you will be able to grow your business, and one of the best ways to communicate with people is to attend conferences.

Conferences for Entrepreneurs

The following are some of the top conferences which every entrepreneur must consider attending.

Next Gen Summit:

Next Gen Summit is mainly for those young and budding entrepreneurs who are looking for opportunities to connect with people and gain more knowledge to grow their business. If you happen to be a young entrepreneur who is looking for a game-changing event which will get you so many contacts, the NextGen Summit is the place for you. You will have the opportunity to connect with about 500 brilliant young minds just like you and you can share a lot with them.

Amplify Live:

It is an information-packed event, and you get to learn many things from this conference. You are provided with all the information and you get to learn all the useful practises which will help you to develop your business. The conference also provides you with true inspiration to push yourself forward to achieve your goals. If you are a person who is committed to implementing various tactics, then this is the conference for you. You will be able to hear from people what they are doing in their life to make their business successful.

Collision Conference:

Collision Conference is an attended by more than 20,000 people from all over the world, and it is one of the fast-growing tech conferences. You get to meet all the famous CEOs of many successful businesses and learn a lot from them. If you happen to have a business which is tech related, then collision conference is a place where you should go. You will come across many people who will give you so many ideas. Some of the speakers at the conference include Alexis Ohanian, Chris Sacca and many other CEOs from top companies.


MADE is often referred to like the entrepreneur festival in the UK and it features a wide range of sessions where you can develop your skills and also improve your brand awareness and understand your customer’s mindset. It is a great conference to attend if you want to learn about developing new products and maximise your sales. There are also many success stories that are shared to inspire you to strive hard to become successful in your business.

Attending a conference is an utter waste if you forget what was discussed at the meeting and if you do not follow up with the partnerships, you have made. Thus make sure that you have taken notes and have a system where you remember the people whom you have met at the conference.


Helpful Tips for Getting the most Out of a Conference

Helpful Tips for Getting the most Out of a Conference

Attending a conference can help you in various ways. You will get to meet a lot of people from the same field from different parts of the world and also gain a lot of knowledge while you attend the conference. There are many presentations and conversations which are held at the conference, and sometimes it might be overwhelming as of to which presentation or session you need to attend.

Helpful Tips for Getting the most Out of a Conference

The following are some of the tips for getting the most out of a conference:

Get yourself involved in the conference:

Rather than just attending the meetings try to become a presenter so that you can maximise your experience and you will also gain more visibility. When you come across of an initial posting, try to ask around about the conference and check if you have the opportunity to take up any visible role at the conference.

Build your network:

One of the best ways to build relationships with people who have the same career background as yours is to talk to people who attend the conference. It is a great way to meet new people, and you must be open to talking to people readily. You might be meeting your potential business partner at the conference, so always be free to have a small talk with the people who attend the meeting. Especially if you are having a start-up or a small business and looking for some potential contacts to grow your business, attending a conference is one of the best ways to gain contacts.

Choose the sessions which is suitable for you:

A conference can be very long as there might be many people presenting their topics. Some topics may be relevant to your while others might not. Thus it is very important to choose which session you need to attend. If you feel that a particular presentation is useful to you, then you can choose to participate in that session. It is all about spending your time wisely at a conference so that you will be able to gain more knowledge.

Take notes:

It is not enough to just attend a session. Many of us tend to forget things after some time and thus it is essential to take notes so that you can refer to at a later stage. At the end of the session, make sure that you write a few key points which you can take home.

Hand out Business cards:

Get a couple of your business cards and if you feel impressed with a particular person at the conference, feel free to hand them your business cards. You can connect with the other people who presented at the conference as they might have a lot of knowledge on the subject and you can exchange business cards with them. Also, do not forget to keep in touch with the people you meet at the conference.


Mary L. Davis

Mary L. Davis is the one who is the source of inspiration behind Linked Data Planet. She has spent a lot of years in bringing this place to shape and helping people figure out their data needs and queries. This place, Linked Data Planet, acts as a link between the people who are looking for data and the people who are ready to offer it. If it is not for Mary, the whole platform would have gone unnoticed.

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