A Brief Guide to Singapore Luxury Property

In the entire South East Asia, Singapore is the wealthiest nation and the real estate market of Singapore is experiencing a boom. In area wise, Singapore is only 278 square miles, but it has outsized the reputation in terms of finance and realty market. From grand woven century old architecture to modern high-rise and captivating high-tech business center, Singapore is dotted with many alluring buildings and properties which are worth investing in. The rapid growth in the economic has been cheered up by the property and real estate investors. In the heart of Singapore is the Marina Bay which includes the biggest and popular shopping malls, entertainment hubs, convention centre, hotels, museums and more. Little India Grow, Chinatown and Riverside are the part of the city core. The luxury property district in Singapore is located in District 9, District 10, District 11 and District 15. These are some of the districts where you can find singapore luxury homes for sale.

Where to Hunt for Luxury House for Sale in Singapore?

The housing in Singapore basically includes the combination of pure residential developments as well as mixed used projects which includes the shopping malls, centres and offices along with apartments. The two luxury sectors where you are likely to find the Singapore Luxury Property for Sale include the Marina Bay and Orchard Road. These are the locations which are bordered beatifically by prime shopping areas, business district and it spreads across central and southern parts of city. The rates of properties in these location range from S$ 2,300 per sq. Ft to S$ 750 per sq. Ft which is for the older buildings located in these locations.

Away from the heart of the city center are the locations where buyers can find some spacious buildings where they can get more space for their survival. Moreover, developers have now started to compete so as to offer the buyers with more lavish and luxury amenities. The most popular is the Parc Olympia Condominium which is just five minutes drive away from Changi Airport and this location has private compounds with private rock climbing wall, skateboard ramp and golf driving range. Moreover, the Jewel@Buangkok is the luxury property located in northeast residential town of Sengkang and this society offers pet grooming stations, tennis courts, Jacuzzis, pools, playgrounds and more luxury amenities. The rates for singapore luxury homes for sale in these locations range from S$ 2.2 million for 4BHK to S$ 550,000 for 1BHK.

In a bid to enjoy the vacation vibe, buyers can invest in luxury properties in Sentosa Island which is the resort off Singapore’s southern coast and it is the home to Universal Studios theme park and many other popular beaches of Singapore. This is the island that is 25 miles wide and subway systems and highway of the country help the daily commuters access this island with public transportation in less than a hour. The singapore luxury homes for sale in this island range from S$ 1,152 per sq. Ft to S$ 1200 per sq. Ft. The bungalows and apartments in this island are very expensive and in good condition which are equipped with modern amenities and facilities to make your stay really remarkable.

The Town Houses, Apartments and Condos for Sale in Singapore

Rentals in Singapore are really good and most viable options and the prices are sagged in the recent past. The rental amount of luxury apartments in Singapore range from S$ 5000 to S$ 10,000 per month for an apartment in the heart of the city and renting a luxury house in the city centre would cost you around S$ 25,000 per month. Owing to the increase in rental prices, people are now changing their idea from renting to owing a house in Singapore. There are many options in singapore luxury homes for sale which you can find online.

There are high rise apartments in the heart of the city which are geared to offer you modern lifestyle with air-conditioned gyms, pools, underground parking and more. Swankiest Downtown Building is the perfect example for luxury property in Singapore as it is bespoke with amazing detailing like glass walled lap pools on balcony, rooftop Jacuzzi, specialized elevator for cars and each unit would cost you around S$ 10 million. The Wallish Residence is the under-constructed location which offers you with three-storey penthouse atop the 950 ft tall Tanjong Pagar centre located at the edge of the financial district of Singapore. It includes the five bedroom unit which includes plans for rooftop pool that overlooks the Singapore Strait as well as the high-tech entertainment spaces and it would cost you around S$ 108 million and it is scheduled to get completed by the end of 2019. So, investing in this residential building would be the feasible option for you in long run.

The Old Age Buildings

For most of the buyers the peak of elegance is to purchase the old colonial black and white houses that are persevered in locations across the island like Goodwill Hill and Nassim Hill. Most of the age-old luxury properties are large and airy and come with larger than life terraces and many separate servant quarters. Most of these buildings are either leased by the government or owned by individuals and it sits in leafy tropical gardens, thereby making them the true singapore luxury homes for sale away from the congested Singapore.

It is expected that the prices of age-old buildings in Singapore for sale would range in several million Singaporean dollars. Most of the colonial buildings are renovated so as to integrated modern fixtures and amenities to make your living comfortable and remarkable in all sense. From five bedroom houses to large villa, there are many options which you may opt for as per your needs and specific budget. So, it is worth giving a try to the colonial homes if you want to experience the history of Singapore closely.

So, these are some of the options where you may find the singapore luxury homes for sale.