Choose the type of hose that best suits you

Types of hoses for your bongs:

It is impressive how the hookah sector continues to grow, and you just have to stop and see the types of hoses for the hookah that we have at our disposal. Types of hoses that you can adapt to one or another depending on your needs differences between a hose of poor quality, and another of very good quality, especially, if you are thinking of buying a hookah or another.\\What type of hose does your hookah carry? As well! The first thing you should know is that when you buy a hookah, it is normal that the hose is included, whether you buy it single or double. It is also logical that, if the shisha you have purchased is not of high quality, the hose will not be either. Therefore, this will be the first aspect that you will have to evaluate: The quality of the hookah in which you are going to invest.

Currently, the manufacturers of shishas are putting their batteries in this direction, and lately, they are adding to their “packs”, silicone or washable hoses, which tend to have a better quality, and which are already included in the price of hookah. However, today’s goal is for you to value yourself if you have to buy a hose separately or to settle for the one that comes with your new water pipe. Check more at Online Glass Shop.

What should we check for choosing the recommended hose for our hookah?

Nobody said that it was easy to acquire the necessary experience as we move forward in the use of hookahs, and therefore, we need to make mistakes or hit the first one, but what is clear is that we cannot settle for what big brands offer Online Glass Shop the first change.

Hose types guide for hookahs.

For our part, we can only advise you if you ask us and rest assured that we will offer you the best for you, and for the use, you are going to give to your hookah. It should be noted that to start hookah smoking, and especially for beginners, most hoses can be considered recommendable, but it is one of the first accessories in which we must move forward to achieve more satisfactory smokes. To achieve this, it is important that you know the points you should check, even before buying them, if possible:

Test the level of restriction of the hose

What does this mean? Well, simply, that the hoses usually have an inner diameter that, in many occasions, is too small, producing an enclosure in the union with the nozzle of the base, damaging it in most cases, especially in hoses that have the union of wood. Blow to test the level of restriction. Never inhale, as we do not know how long the hose has been manufactured, and therefore, it may contain some kind of residue inside it. Also, note the “hole” in the connection socket, and check that it is not chipped or with traces of glue or glue.

Check for internal obstructions and rust

It is easy to check if a hose is clogged, or if it has traces of rust (something quite common in pipes too cheap water, or market). You just have to put a handkerchief or a piece of paper in one of the ends of your hose, blow on the other side and analyze if it leaves to dust, reddish flecks or “suspicious” pieces. If you are in the least, do not hesitate for a moment and pull that hose, and even the hookah, because it can be very harmful to your health. There is a super practical trick that you can use to know if your hose is washable, and it consists of bringing a magnet to the hose, and check whether it is washable or not. If the magnet is attracted, it means that inside there are metallic products and that in case of washing, has all the rust and stamping, damaging not only the smoke but our health.

If you stop to think, really, this type of hoses have not been manufactured thinking of an optimal use by your user but has been focused to be used more as a complement of decoration and design.

Types of hoses at Online Glass Shop

Once we have discarded that hose that we considered defective, or simply, it has been damaged due to use, it is time to look at the wide variety of hoses that exist for all types of hookahs. We will focus on those that enjoy a higher quality and positive reviews of those who really use them and know them first-hand. Of course, this guide aims precisely that: “be a guide.” And do not get to teach all the models that are on the market for each type of hose. That will come later, but give us a little time, please! We think that the best way to present this guide, and that you find it as simple and practical as possible is to differentiate them into two large groups.

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Well, apart from having a much more traditional aesthetic, one of the main advantages we get when we decide on a type of hose NOT washable, is that they tend to have a fairly large shot, and a very neutral taste when smoking, thus avoiding possible to plastic, as it can happen to us with washable hoses, which are usually of other types of materials. But we also have to talk about disadvantages, and the hoses that we should NOT wash, due to this lack of hygiene, usually last less, and their useful life will be diminished. In addition, the mixture of flavours can vary our sensation when smoking. There are people who use specific hoses for each flavour they smoke, to avoid precisely this.

Another disadvantage is that the connection of the hose to the base of the hookah is usually very large and rigid; causing more instability at Online Glass Shop, with the corresponding risk that can fall more easily.