Franz Inc. (AllegroGraph)

Company Description

AllegroGraph, offered by Franz Inc., is a scalable, persistent RDF graph database for building commercial-scale semantic applications quickly and cost-effectively. It can load and index a billion RDF triples (LUBM8000) in less than 24 hours on a single commodity machine. Incremental add and indexing can be done in real time to meet your application’s demand. AllegroGraph supports SPARQL queries with Named Graphs, RDFS++ reasoning, RDF-Prolog, free text indexing, geospatial and temporal reasoning and Social Network Analysis (SNA). The database can be easily accessed and manipulated through an HTTP protocol or a Java interface (Sesame 2.0). Franz’s semantic technology solutions are uniquely positioned to help bring your Web 3.0 ideas to reality. We are committed to the highest level of product quality and most responsive customer support and professional services.

Products & Services:

• Composite Applications

• Data Mining, Business Intelligence

• Database Integration

• Knowledge Computing

• Master Data Management