Go get your Ice Hockey Goalie Equipment Now

Ice Hockey is a comparatively new craze that is spreading its roots at an exponential rate. Well, this fact just ends up speaking volumes about how fun and innovative the sport is. Ice hockey is nothing but a contemporary new wave of a sport that is played on an ice rink between two different teams. Ice hockey goalies are known to have their own contemporary attire to align with the same norms.

Getting to know ice hockey better

Ice hockey is known to have originated in Canada. In 1875, the first ice hockey game was played and the sport soon gathered subtle fame.

The game is believed to have originated and evolved from the very simple stick and ball games. The stick and ball games are ancestors to many present day flamboyant sports that we enjoy.

Ice hockey soon became a sport that was unique and differed just enough in rules and equipment with traditional hockey to have a fair chance of being judged not on the same page. It quickly gathered its own audience. All the difference in equipment and the icy rink was enough to set the mood for a spicy game. The ice hockey players skated their way through in the rink of the world and the book of distinctive games.

What is the need for special equipment in ice hockey?

Ice hockey players sport their own set of specific equipment designed specifically to suit the game. It is designed in such a manner that it ensures complete protection of the players as well as leads to a game that is smooth, fun and enjoyable. Injury is a common factor in ice hockey which puts forward the earnest need of clothing and equipment that are protective in nature. Simultaneously, they should come in handy and not interfere with the pace or rules of the game. The safety gear is thus necessary!

What all does the ice hockey equipment include?

To tag along with the basic sticks and skates, there is a big list of equipment that make their way to the life of an ice hockey player. The list begins from a helmet and further leads to mouth guard, neck guards, chest protectors, shoulder pads, elbow pads, protective gloves, shorts that are padded to quite an extent, shin guards, and jock athletic protectors.

What is different about ice hockey goalie equipment?

Ice hockey goalie equipment is different in certain noticeable aspects. The reason for the difference lies in the job that is expected of the goal tender. All the differences in the equipment are made in order to keep the goalie safe and free from injury and maintain a healthy flow of the game.

The main reason a goalie needs the special equipment is to save them from direct hits of a puck that they might come across during the game.

Here’s a list of everything that makes up the perfect ice hockey goalie equipment: 

  1. Mask

The mask of the goalie is heavier and is designed in a manner that it can tolerate puck impacts considerably well.

  1. Skates

The skates are also considerably different and sport blades that are squarish in shape in order to facilitate stability and mobility towards the sides. They blades are also thicker compared to the skates of normal players.

  1. Goal Sticks

Goal sticks are known to have a larger blade and a broader shaft.

  1. Chest and Arm Protectors

The chest and arm protectors are also known to offer special protection to goalies.

  1. Blockers

Blockers are brought into tremendous use by goalies.

  1. Goal jock

Goal jock is made to provide better protection to the goalie in the lower abdominal area.

  1. Catch glove

It is brought into use by the goalie to catch the puck on the rink or trap a flying shot.

  1. Pants

Pants for the goal tender come with extra protection and padding in the thigh and the pelvic region to avoid any serious injuries.

  1. Goal pads

Goal pads are extensively thick and are designed fit on each leg. They are the most noticeable difference in the equipment of other players and the goalie.

  1. Socks

They extend right, from the feet all the way up to the knee of the player.

Where to look for the equipment?

If Ice Hockey is practiced enthusiastically around you, it is likely that you might find the necessary equipment at stores nearby. In case, it is not so, we still have your back. Just like they say, “We got you covered!”

There are plenty of online websites that will make the purchase of your ice hockey goalie equipment easy for you. We are not done yet! So, you have a wide enough range to choose from and the colors and types available to you are almost a spectrum leaving your choice at your disposal. It is super easy to find your goalie equipment and get in the rink to show what you have in you when it comes to a game that is so much fun!

A good equipment keeps all potential injuries at bay and that makes it important for you to invest into a kit that gives you value for money.

All the ice hockey fun!

Ice hockey cannot be a successful game without the carefully designed equipment. The special equipment is an integral part of the game and we cannot think of the game without it. So, all you need to do in order to gather the ice hockey fun is get your perfect equipment and make your way to the rink. We know with your good skills you will rule the rink. The discreetly and delicately designed equipment will keep major puck impacts at bay! So, with all so much being said about the sport, we simply want you to introduce you to all the ice hockey fun.

You need to set your skills in place and the good goalie in you will get going with the unmatched ice hockey goalie equipment and swift mind play.