Speaker Commitment

As a speaker at a Jupitermedia event you have committed to present this session, and all the preparation that it entails, upon acceptance. In return, we agree to promote you, your company and your presentation to its attendees through a vast promotional campaign.

Both you and Jupitermedia have made a promise to our attendees to deliver the session as published, including the topic and the speaker. It is imperative that your presentation is not a sales pitch for you or your company. Speakers MAY NOT use a conference session for commercial sales pitches, self-promotion or unfair criticism of a competitor. If it is determined that a speaker presented a sales pitch, that company and speaker will be excluded from future events.

Conference management reserves the right to recommend changes in your submitted presentation to minimize any self-promotion and maximize the session’s educational value.

Speaker presentations will be placed on a password-protected website for the conference attendees. This is a REQUIREMENT of all speakers. Presentation slides MUST be provided no later than two weeks prior to event. Failure to provide advance review of slides, adjust slides upon request and follow slide template guidelines as outlined by show management is grounds for dismissal.

Presentations will be recorded for use following the show. Presenters agree by submitting and delivering a speech to allow and assign all rights to show management to capture, reproduce, make available and/or sell recordings of presentations, slides and related materials without license, liability or limitation.

Speaker substitutions are NOT permitted. If you are forced to cancel, your company is not guaranteed a speaking slot for the alternative speaker. Conference management reserves the right to refuse to accept an alternative speaker, and pursue other interested parties to present that topic.