How To Clean Your System For A Drug Test Real Fast

If you a regular smoker or drugs consumer you will probably get worried after hearing the words ‘ Drug Test ‘. Well drug test are mostly carried out in multinational corporations to make sure that the employees are not consuming any form of illegal drugs. Well this article would take you through a voyage of how to clean your system for a drug test fast and effectively. As the market of drugs is proliferating this article would only be discussing about the drug known as marijuana or cannabis.

Cannabis or also known as marijuana is a psychoactive drug derived from cannabis plant which is intended for medical and recreational use. The main psychoactive part of the drug is known as tetrahydrocannabinol (THC).

Various types of drug test:

There are various types of drug tests a person can face for the detection of psychoactive compound in his/her body. The four different types of drug tests are as follows:

  • Urine sample test: Urine sample test are carried out in the organization itself in which the employees usually have to deliver their urine sample at the moment. So if someone consider to bring an earlier urine sample that will not usually workout because in most cases a medical professional is with you while you are delivering your samples. So this factor is mostly dependent upon the strictness of the organization, either it allows a person to deliver the sample in isolation or not.
  • Blood sample test: Blood test are carried out by taking blood samples by injection. Blood test is one of the most difficult test to dodge out from because the psychoactive substance remains in the blood for a longer duration even after abstaining.
  • Saliva test: Saliva test is carried out by taking a sample of saliva and analyzing the sample for THC.
  • Hair sample test: This test is the most accurate test and at the same time the most difficult one to evade from. In this test the samples of hair follicle are taken and are scrutinized and the probability to evade this test is very less due to the fact that the THC compounds can be detected even after abstaining for nearly a year.

How to clean your system for a drug test fast:

There are various ways for cleansing and detoxing for drug test but the most imperative factor that determines the methods to be employed is time. The detoxing method depends upon how much time frame a person have before a drug test. The various methods for detoxing that can be employed are:

  • Detox drinks: Detox drinks is the only real choice if the person cannot abstain from drug use and cannot perform natural detoxing. Yet it should be clear that the detox drinks does not detox your body totally from THC, it only provides a detox for a few hours so that the person can deliver the urine sample after a few hours from consuming the drink. The brand of the detox drink should be selected after appropriate research and review as most of the detox drinks out in market are nothing more than flavored water.
  • Detox pills: Detox pills are the choice when a person wants to adopt for natural detoxing as natural detoxing takes quite lot of a time therefore detox pills should be considered for detoxing only if a person have a few weeks before the commencement of the drug test, which is usually not the case. Detox pills are not an option if the drug test is commenced in a day or so.
  • Natural detoxing: Natural detoxing is the best and the most healthy way to detox your body from drug metabolites. The major drawback behind the natural detoxing is that it takes quite a lot of time for detoxing. Actually detoxing of a body from drug metabolites depends upon the quantity and time for which the drug is consumed by the user. So exactly there is no precise time period defined for completion of detoxing process but it can be approximated, such as regular heavy consumption of the drug by the user will take a greater time period to detox from the body as compared to infrequent light doses of the drug. The process of detoxing depends upon toxin levels, metabolism and overall health. The following natural ways for detoxing are:
  1. Water consumption: Healthy amount of water consumption is must for detoxing naturally as the water wears out the THC while excretion.
  2. Organic food: For detoxing to be a success one should abstain from junk and unhealthy food and should consume organic and healthy food.
  3. Exercise and fitness: One should exercise regularly to remove the drugs metabolites from the system as exercise burns the fat where the metabolites are stored.
  4. Abstain: This is the last but not the least, abstaining from drug use is the most crucial as you cannot consume drugs if you want to detox.

How to evade a drug test real quick.

  • Saliva neutralizing gum: If the person have to go through the saliva swab test then this is the perfect choice as a person can chew the neutralizing gum before the test and the gum provides the neutralization for 30 minutes and gives a window of opportunity to deliver the sample.
  • Hair follicle test: This test is the toughest to evade from but this test can be evaded using a method known as the macujo method in which a shampoo with other chemicals is used to strip off the drug metabolites.

So there are various school of thoughts regarding the cleansing and detoxing of the drugs metabolites. The core factors that defines the method to be employed are time, toxin level and metabolism of the body. So different methods for detoxing are employed for different factors. One must certainly ensure that the product they are consuming should be certified and well known because no one would like to be caught in a drug test.

If a person have the time frame and is willing to detox or cleanse they should opt for natural cleansing because it the most effective and lasting method for detoxification.