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70% of the human body is composed of water. Water is the basic survival requisite of life on earth. Not just humans, but plants, animals and other organisms too require water to carry out their daily processes. The very importance of water is quite evident from the fact that humans can survive weeks without eating food but when it comes to water, the entire story changes. An average person can only survive for 3-4 days without getting water.

To begin explaining the importance of water would be futile as it is clear even to a toddler but the question here arises on the quality of water that we consume. As we know, these days every consumer has turned quality conscious about the products and services they consume. None of us would mind spending a few more bucks if it ensures higher comfort and better quality. In such a situation when we try to avoid harming ourselves by ensuring product quality, how can a person ignore something which forms a part of his daily existence. Hence, it becomes extremely important to be satisfied with the quality of water that we consume everyday.

Need for change

Hard water is a major problem in most of the cities nowadays. The damages done by hard water are beyond control. It hampers the working process of major industries disturbing the industrial setting, and more importantly affects human health to a great degree. So, most of the people are now considering the option of water softening.

JCER BLOG brings you the information regarding best of the water softeners on your computers and mobile screens. The blog aims at providing quality reviews about various water softeners available in the market. The need for water softener is constantly increasing these days, particularly in areas where the hardness of water is beyond measurement. Hardness in water means that the mineral percentage in water is quite high as compared to ordinary water. It is formed by deposition of calcium and magnesium carbonates in higher quantities in the water.

Hardness in water can vary from region to region. Although, it does not pose a problem until it exceeds the specified amount at which stage, water softener is required. Water softening is the process of removing excessive calcium and magnesium content from the water turning it into soft water and making it fit for consumption. Hard water creates the following problems in our day to day lives:

  • It clogs the pipelines of houses ensuring a regular visit to the nearest plumber
  • Hardness in water makes difficult for soaps and detergents to dissolve in it resulting in spots on body, clothes and dishes
  • It greatly affects the gadgets like water heaters resulting in early damage
  • Various skin problems like itchiness, dryness and scratchiness arise because usage of hard water
  • It results in malfunctioning of industrial equipments like boilers, cooling towers etc resulting in slow production

Go-to guide

However, one does not have to worry because JCER BLOG brings you home the best of advice from the experts themselves about water softeners. Installation of the best quality water softener ensures that one simply does not have to worry about clogged pipes or rashes on skin or spots on the clothes. The blog helps a person to select the best of the water softener and in the process, the experts at the blog are constantly present for guidance. The technical experts at the blog have an experience of 8-10 years and so the person can avail the benefit of their knowledge and expertise.

The reviews given in the blog encompasses most of the information regarding the product. The reviewers clearly mention the model name of the water softener, country of production, capacity, pros and cons, price, related features, and warranty conditions attached with the product. Besides, the blog also provides ratings about the product and the technical experts also give their verdict of the water softener so that the reader can be fully satisfied with the purchase decision. Hence, the blog saves the person from the effort of going from shop to shop, enquiring about the prices, utility and various features of the numerous brands available in the market. Thus, JCER BLOG proves to be a great help to the reader as it saves his time, efforts and money.