Luxury cars to Hire in Italy

If you are traveling to Italy for holiday, you may need the services of Italy luxury car hire companies because it is very necessary to hire a car for moving around during your stay in Italy. There are many companies that are mainly dealing with lending out luxury cars to people. Below is the list of best cars that can be hired while in Italy and can make you have a better stay:

  • Lamborghini Aventador S: This car is an Italian brand and it is a luxury car, it is very beautiful and fast, it has a top speed of 370 km/h and can cruise on an asphalt road. It is specially made for two people so it has only two front seats so it is considered one of the best cars that couples who want to visit Italy can hire. This car can be hired at 1500 euros upward per day. The car is expensive because it is one of the latest cars made by Lamborghini which is one of the best car makers in the world and it is one of the most sought-after cars in the international car market. The car has gained popularity so much that it has been bought by many celebrities and has also been used in many blockbuster movies and music videos. This car was used in popular videos like Lil Wayne’s music video, Nicki Minaj’s music video and so on. Lamborghini Aventador S costs nothing less than 425,000 US dollars but because the car is made in Italy, it is easy to hire the car in Italy. Lamborghini Aventador S is owned by many celebrities like Cristiano Ronaldo who is the current world best footballer, Floyd Mayweather who is a record holder and one of the most popular people in boxing. The Lamborghini is in the media because it has many designed beautiful features like the blinking lights on the body of the car. The car is not only made for private use only, the car is also used for racing because of its unique speed and its ability to cruise or speed on any kind of road and because of its little size. The car has some features which show that it is good for the holiday; it has a place where water and glass cup is kept for drinking it has a cigarette lighting pot and very good heater and very good air conditioner. The car is also prepared for any accident that can happen as it has a very good airbag system which pulls out immediately the car crashes and holds the driver to the seat to reduce the mortality rate so it is safer to drive this car than other cars.
  • Range Rover Sport 2016: If you are traveling to Italy with many people on holiday maybe you are traveling with your family or your friends, range rover sport 2016 is the best because it has features that are good for a lot of people. Firstly the car has four doors and has space for five people to sit conveniently, a very good air conditioner and heater for cold weather. It has an opening on the roof of the car where you can raise your head for fun. The seat belts are strong enough to hold any weight in case of an accident and also have one airbag for the driver to avoid hitting the steering when an accident happens. The car has a liquid container in the front where you can keep juice, wine, water for the enjoyment of the car users. The car has strong cruise power as it is designed to cruise on mountains or even in the desert. The car also has mini televisions at the back of the two front seats which the people sitting at the back can watch. The car can be hired in Italy at the rate of 1000 euros per day. The car key has a remote that can be used to lock the car doors, open the car doors or even to make the car make alert sounds. The four tyres of the car are uranium tyres which make it very rare for the four tyres to burst or deflate at any period of time or in any condition.
  • Limousines: If you are traveling to Italy for a summer holiday or any other holiday and you are thinking of hiring a limousine, it will shock you to hear that limousines can be hired in Italy. Limousines are one of the most expensive crafts on land, they have been used mainly by the nobles since the 1900s, as it is expensive, if you want a classy ride and want to move with many people, you can hire a limousine at a reasonable price in Italy, it can be hired at nothing less than 250 euros per hour. Limousines do have a lot of liquid containers where wine, juice, water, beer, gin, rum, can be kept for the enjoyment while cruising the car. When you use a limousine as your ride in Italy, you will be respected as a limousine is considered to be used mostly by noblemen and important politicians. Limousines are designed with serious protection system as it is used mainly used by rich people who can be targeted by bad people like robbers, kidnappers, terrorists and so on. The car has a bulletproof body which means most bullets cannot penetrate the body of the limousine car. The limousine car also have something that is called the fire alarm or the fire detector system which simply means that whenever there is fire in the engine of the car or anywhere on the body of the car, the car will send fire alarm signals to the driver of the car by displaying it in on the display screen where the driver can see it. The car is also made with many fire extinguishers to deal with fire whenever there is a fire on board. Limousines also have space for crew members which may be security personnel that will guard the car user.

These are some of the cars that you can expect to get from Italy luxury car hire companies.