Selection Process


The main steps in developing our conference programs are similar for all events.

1. Curriculum Sketch
Broad outline of the in-depth programs and hot topics planned posted to the Web about six months before the event.

2. Call for Papers
The announcement sent to thousands of Internet industry speakers and sources that links to the PROPOSAL SUBMISSION FORM.

3. Proposal Review
Analysis of proposed session, speaker credentials, topic relevance, topic interest and program fit.

4. Completion and Confirmations
The program is completed about six weeks after the submission deadline. Once confirmed, speakers are sent a speaker commitment form.

5. Attendee Promotions
The main attendance brochure, complete with titles, topics and confirmed speakers, is printed about 16 weeks prior to the event. Only minor changes are then possible in the on-site Show Guide, Show Guide Addendum and the event website.

6. Evaluation and Follow-up
About six weeks after each event, the audience evaluation ratings are sent to all presenters. Only speakers rate at least 4.0 (“Very Good” to “Excellent”) on the five point evaluation scale are invited back.