What kind of exercise programs is most effective in losing body fat?

Every day we see a large number of programs to exercise, designed for weight loss. The media is full of ads for slimming activities such as gymnastics, aerobics, Zumba, spinning … forget infomercials where we are “subliminally convinced” of wanting and needing sophisticated equipment to exercise. All claim to be the best way to lose body fat. Look for the fat decimator, as the fact is that out of every program the fat decimator is the best! The truth is that we do not need any special device, or a specially designed program. We ourselves can design our own program once we learn some basic principles about exercise and energy expenditure. The most appropriate exercise program to lose body fat is one that incorporates aerobic exercises, which are those that use the oxygen energy system such as running, cycling, walking, and swimming, among others. Aerobic exercises are those that provide greater health benefits.

Keys to losing weight with strength training

If you want to lose weight do you think you have to start running? No, strength training is the key. Why and how? Javier, an expert in personal training, solves these questions.

Losing weight, where do you start?

From experience, most people who want to start losing weight first thing they do are:

Follow a diet: Almost always the type of diet chosen is not usually the most effective for the loss of body fat.

Exercise: Most people just start running. Either because he has heard that it is the most effective, or because it has been recommended by your gym monitor.

Well, today we will not talk about diet but we will talk about the fat decimator. But what kind of exercise is more effective in losing body fat? It is true that running brings many benefits, not only aesthetic but also in terms of health parameters.

Is everyone who starts running ready to receive that amount of impact on the joints?

Surely not. And much less to run at the high intensity which is what has been shown to be more effective for weight loss. The first thing would be to create a strong musculature so that later it can withstand that impact we are talking about.

How is this achieved through fat decimator program?

To attain the fat decimator is very easy, following a strength training program. Now, if in addition to gaining strength we want to lose body fat. Which exercises are the most effective to achieve high energy expenditure and that the caloric expenditure at the end of the training is greater? There is more and more scientific evidence that the exercises that have to predominate in a strength training. With the aim of losing body fat are exercises that involve a lot of muscle mass. And, to be able to be, that the musculature of the inferior train is implied.

Key points of a fat decimator exercise program:

The exercise must involve the use of large muscle groups; the muscles of the legs and arms make up a large part of the total body mass. The main muscles of the back and chest are attached to the upper arms and are actively involved in almost all their movements. We can dance, walk, jog or climb stairs and if we use dumbbells while walking we will be able to exercise our arms and legs at the same time.

Level of intensity: the greater the intensity of the exercise, the greater the number of calories we spend. The intensity and duration are closely related, but if we want to burn the total calories, the duration is the most important and the intensity must adapt to what the exercise lasts.

Duration: it is one of the factors that have the greatest influence on energy expenditure. For example, if we run 1.6 km / day it will take approximately one month to lose half a kilo of fat, while if we run 8 km / day it will take us about a week to lose that half kilo. Therefore, if our goal is to lose weight through exercise, we must insist on the concept of duration.

If you do not have much time, it has been proven that exercising several times a day for periods of 10 minutes, is as effective to lose weight and improve cardiovascular health over 20 weeks as doing it once a day for 40 minutes. If you are very busy you can set aside time to exercise several times a day for example: before breakfast, at your lunch hour, in the afternoon and before dinner.

Exercise frequency: that is how many times we exercise a week. Usually 3 to 4 times a week will be enough.

Enjoy the exercise: if you want to see long-term results you should enjoy the activity. There are plenty of activities to choose from; even housework can help us burn calories. The exercise does not have to be an annoyance, it must be seen as a game and incorporate it definitively into our daily life.

Fat decimator is practiced: it evaluates the time you are going to invest in getting to the place, the cost, the weather, etc. so that it is not a limitation. Walking or running is fairly easy options to carry out. Another option is to acquire instruments to exercise in the comfort of your home: stationary bicycle, climber, dumbbells, step, resistance bands, and treadmill, among others. It is very practical because you can be aware of the activities of the house such as cooking; watching TV, or reading a book, if there is a bad weather … We can also listen to music while we perform the exercise. Here you have excellent music recommendations to activate.

Versatility: basically consisting of combining the performance of various sports or physical activities such as running, cycling, swimming, gym, walking, climbing stairs, a casual football game … In doing this fat decimator program it is less likely that we will get bored cure possible injuries with an excess of practice of the same exercise.