What will happen when we do not chew correctly?

Our whole body is a perfect machine where every organ or place has an important and necessary function. The organs of our digestive system are not the exception and, in fact, they are one of those which strongly require our attention.

Digestion begins from the moment we begin to chew food. In this part many enzymes protected in the saliva join with the food and make it digestible and suitable to go through the following filter: the stomach.

Although many people do not give any kind of importance at all, this first step has great relevance in the whole matter, even when we talk about our intestine. Chewing is the process in which the food begins to be processed and that is when you can determine which foods is better for you and which ones do not. With babies this is even more important, you have to be particularly attentive and careful to understand what could be going wrong.

Commonly, due to a bad habit or simply in case of insufficient time, we quickly chew the food and swallow without having done the procedure correctly. This generates a challenge to our stomach, which must make a much greater effort to process the food and unite them with the corresponding gastric juices. If the previous product has faults, the product of this one will also have it.

Finally comes the peak moment of the digestion process and that is precisely the process of absorption of nutrients. The intestine is in charge of taking everything that the organism needs from all the consumed foods, processing them and then passing it into the bloodstream so that they can be distributed.

When the product of the previous process (the food bolus) arrives with failures, the cells of the intestine must also make an enormous effort to do their job. It is there when the disease of the leaky gut appears, and this is just one of its many possible causes.

When the intestine is over saturated, its cells begin to expand, leaving more space between them. Consequently, the passage of nutrients, salts and any type of substances that it has selected as useful or necessary will become much more complex. This enlargement between the pores is the worst part of the problem, because it gives enough space for the bacteria toxic substances and any kind of waste that the intestine discarded to pass through the blood vessels.

As noted by ReviewsBay, an action as simple and daily as this could trigger something of the magnitude described. We must be very careful with our digestive system. Any damage to it would harm the functioning of the organism as a whole, and many of its consequences are not difficult to solve.

The leaky gut syndrome, according to ReviewsBay has multiple causes. This is just one of many. In the same way, this bad habit during the digestion process can trigger other problems. Diarrhea and constipation are some of the possible symptoms that may appear.

What can be done in these cases?

ReviewsBay indicates that there are treatments to improve intestinal health. Many supplements or vitamins allow restoring the favorable conditions of the digestive media, and in this way, all its annoying symptoms appeared as a result of this problem can disappear quickly thanks to these substances.

Now, it is important to remember that the inflamed colon, the annoying gases, diarrhea and other problems related to our digestive system occur because there is a bigger problem behind them. In this case we talk about intestinal leaks, but these could be many more. For this reason, the best way to effectively solve this problem is to change once and for all our bad habits. Some of them include:

  • The time to eat should be sacred to you. No work while having lunch or talking about work issues. This seems a somewhat illogical action for many people, but our body must make important energy expenditure to process these new foods. When this happens, we are subjecting it to an additional consumption, which will only make you overstress throughout this important process.
  • Take the time necessary to eat well. Eating in a hurry is a guillotine for our intestinal and digestive health in general. We need our body to have enough time in each stage, which guarantees greater performance in the rectum of the body’s processes.
  • Be very careful with the foods you eat. Some are not well washed and, in addition to all the bacteria that could coexist there quietly, there are foods (especially those of plant origin) with natural substances that can be very heavy for the body. If there is not a good wash, all of them will go inside our body without intentions to produce something good.

Returning to the idea of ​​medicines

These vitamins or regenerative medicines are very effective and recommended in the community that has used them. ReviewsBay indicates that these might be able to improve our intestinal flower in every way. But, remember that this is not enough. A supplement could be an excellent idea, but for that it is necessary to combine this element with all the others.

Taking this conclusion into account, the best way to take care of our digestive health, and especially the well-being of our intestines, is through the change of habits as common and frequent as leaving little space for digestion or talking about inappropriate subjects at the table. And we must not leave aside stress, which also has a very important role in this whole matter of damaging our digestive system.

Greater care and dedication added to a supplement is a simply formidable idea. To do this first you should consult your doctor, of course. If the doctor agrees with the recovery procedure, he will probably give a go-ahead and that is when you start the procedure and the supplement. As soon as these errors are corrected, you will see that the improvements will be very fast, and that is thanks to the speed with which the cells of this type can reproduce.